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Billing for the Cloud
During this 1 hour webinar that will include several detailed use cases, we will show you how Opencell can be used to perform billing of usage, subscription and one-off charges for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS cloud businesses. You'll see how our solution gives you flexibility to bill with the granularity you need and see how it can be used with complex B2B/B2C and B2B2C hierarchies.
Wednesday, September 7th | 12:30 CET (GMT +1)
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Available for all industries and all business sizes.

Opencell can be configured to meet the needs of any industry billing complex services on a usage or subscription basis.

It can be used for high volume/complex billing for legacy business but can also be implemented in startup situations where you need to iterate and scale quickly.

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Play as a team.

What do you need?

The nucleus of Opencell is our powerful convergent rating, charging and billing engine that can process millions of transactions. We can handle post-paid or prepaid-transactions in real time. Our flexible data model allows us to model even the most complex offers quickly and efficiently.

Based on your requirements, you can add additional manager modules to facilitate catalog and order management, to mediate transactions, to manage your close process and receivables or to develop the reports you need to manage your business.

To connect with your existing CRM, self-service portals, ERP, BI etc. systems you can leverage our connectors and rich APIs.

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Open source power and flexibility.

Microsoft ready.

We’ve developed a connector to Dynamics CRM so you so you can use Opencell’s rich possibilities straight from the familiar interface of one of the world’s market-leading CRM solutions.

Opencell is also available for “plug and play” installation on the Microsoft Azure marketplace, giving you the possibility to flex your infrastructure instantly to meet your peak billing requirements.

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